Code of conduct

  1. Be kind to one another

    1. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
    2. Keep conversations respectful to all involved.
    3. Personal attack by an individual or group against a member of the trip is not allowed.
    4. Bullying a member of the trip is not allowed.
    5. Offensive language used towards any group or individual will not be tolerated.
    6. Sexist, discriminatory and violent verbal or non-verbal behavior will not be tolerated.
    7. Actions and Interactions between persons without prior mutual consent is forbidden. (This includes unwanted physical contact and unwanted sexual attention)
  2. Equality for all

    1. Racism is forbidden
    2. Sexism against a person or group is not allowed.
    3. Political or religious extremism must be kept off the trip.
    4. Other discriminatory behavior will not be tolerated.
    5. To try and facilitate effective communication, all conversations should stay in English
    6. Different languages can be spoken with individuals.
  3. Privacy

    1. Respect each others privacy.
    2. Sharing an attendees personal information or data is not allowed at all.
    3. Sharing an image or information of someone else without their prior consent is not allowed.
    4. Taking recordings or pictures of a member without their prior consent is not allowed.
  4. Laws and Rules

    1. Adhere to all applicable rules and laws.
    2. Always behave in such a way that you do not put yourself or others in danger.
    3. Respect the instructions of the organizers
    4. Respect the house rules.
  5. Theft and damage to property

    1. Theft and malicious damage to property will not be tolerated.
    2. Damage caused by you or other people to the accommodation or other must be reported immediately to the organizers.
    3. Any damage must be paid for by the person who caused the damage (check your insurance).
  6. Respect the nature

    1. Do not leave trash in nature.
    2. Treat the natural habitats on site and all their inhabitants with respect.
    3. Be concerned about cleanliness and hygiene at all times, especially in shared housing.
  7. Nuisances

    1. If you are found to be consistently disruptive, or multiple complaints have been received about your behavior, action will be taken by us.
    2. We expect you to maintain your space tidy, and clean up after yourself; a responsible alcohol consumption; and not partaking in any activities that could result harmful to you, others, or the premises. We expect you to respect the group nature of this trip, so that the organisers don't have to worry about your safety or whereabouts.
    3. Repeated complaints can lead to your exclusion from group activities up to your departure without a refund.
    4. In special cases you may be asked to leave immediately without a refund and we reserve the right to call the police.
  8. Contact

    1. If you feel you are being harassed or witness someone else being harassed or any other problems occur, please contact the organizers immediately.
    2. The organizers can help you with any problems. We can arrange escorts and also take other measures to help harassed people have a safe and enjoyable trip. We greatly appreciate your presence.
    3. We expect all participants to abide by these rules throughout the trip and at all other gatherings related to it.